Netherite scrap is a material smelted from ancient debris, which is found in the Nether. Smelt your ancient debris in a furnace to get netherite scrap. Inside the treasure chests, you can find netherite scrap, netherite ingots, and on rare occasions, even netherite tools. Find more technology and software guides, tips and advice. Netherite scrap is a material smelted from ancient debris, which is found in the Nether. So yeah, getting enough Netherite Ingots for a full kit will take a while. Luckily you'll also find collections of gold in the Nether. Netherite Scrap can’t be crafted, and must be found within the Nether. Search . Netherite Scrap is a material smelted from Ancient Debris, which is found in The Nether and added in the 1.16 - Nether Update. Netherite Scrap is a new item added in Minecraft 1.16, the Nether update. So to get a netherite block, you would need to mine about 18 chunks! You should get, on average, a netherite bar every 2 chunks. Mined ancient debris can be smelted at a furnace and turned into netherite scraps. Hidden label . However, these structures are very dangerous, so make sure you know how to safely raid a bastion first. Its sole use is for crafting netherite ingots. For each piece of ancient debris you get one netherite scrap, but you’ll need four scraps of netherite and gold to make a netherite ingot. Its only use is for crafting Netherite Ingots. It’s a material, and doesn’t have any uses besides being turned into Netherite Ingots, where it can later be turned into tools and armor. With the “Nether Update”, the so-called “Netherite” found its way into Minecraft. Question. Netherite Scrap is a very useful item that is used to craft netherite ingots. This will turn it into Netherite Scraps. To make netherite, you need four scraps and some gold. So, about 2 nether scrap per chunk. Like most netherite-related items, it does not burn in fire or lava. Outlines how to get Netherite in Minecraft, with step-by-step instructions to find it, mine it, and turn it into scrap, ingots, armor and tools. Hidden label . Find netherite scrap inside a bastion. To find Netherite, you have to go into the Nether, as the name suggests. 1 Obtaining 2 Uses 3 Crafting 4 Trivia The only ways to obtain netherite scrap is by smelting ancient debris found throughout the Nether or acquiring netherite scrap from chests in Bastion Remnants. You also need four Gold Ingots to make a Netherite Ingot, as you combine them with the four Netherite Scrap. After your scrap is done smelting combine it with four gold ingots in a crafting table. Generic filters. Hidden label . Netherite scrap drop rates are not effected by fortune enchantments. The gold does not add much vaule to the netherite. You will need to build a Nether Portal before being able to get the new Netherite ore in Minecraft snapshot 1.16.. How to get Netherite. Other. To get Netherite gear, you’ll have to find and smelt Ancient Debris.