... Rayla's Father voiced by Tyrone Savage . Can Aaravos be callums father. Not sure how much sense it makes, but one theory I have is that Aaravos is Callum's father. Anyways, just thought I'd see what you guys think of this theory (even though it's a bit of a stretch). I personally don't think Callum's father is supposed to be a mystery. All Raylum Kisses!Be sure to subscribe for more content!Unexpected, cute and clean! His affection for his then unhatched son was the reason why he was willing to put his animosity towards Viren and King Harrow aside for one day, if his foes agreed to leave him and … Aaravos was not what anyone called father material, but there was no denying Callum's relation underneath that glamour. Yes I see your point. So this theory has also been debunked! Opeli voiced by Paula Burrows . I think that the only reason Callum has a different father than Ezran is so that he could be Ezran's older brother, yet not the successor to the throne of Katolis. Aaravos: i am your father. Love your username and 2. Before the princes had discovered the egg of the dragon prince. With her father dead and Soren siding with the elves all Claudia wants is for things to go back to the way they were before. "In Xadian culture, an apprentice is a reflection of their teacher and is expected to reflect that in their garb and equipment. He would under go lessons in sword fighting, something he would … His accessories of choice are brown fingerless gloves and a red scarf. They found something surprisingly. He wears a dark hooded robe with a star symbol on the hood. His main clothing consists of a purple undershirt, tucked back by a black belt with a silver buckle, and a dark blue jacket. I thought about the two most mysterious things in the show: Callum's father & Aarvos's origin/secrets. As an amateur writer myself, I can say that that is definitely the kind of hoop a writer would jump through to make a character dynamic work logically within then narrative they want to write. Resolution: Ezran uses their mental connection, and Zym learns how to fly. The dynamic between those characters is reïnforced visually if Ezran is younger than Callum. Yeah, it's one of the least likely theories to be true and very out there. Nah he isn't, the brothers' connection to primal energy/animals comes from their mum, she was some kind of human druid or something...let's say rather special, in a good way.But I agree with you that I see Callum learning all 6 arcanums, I think the cube key is a good hint toward that and I really hope they won't retcon it again. Character Reveal – Aaravos. The writers clearly had certain roles in mind when they wrote Callum and Ezran; Callum is sarcastic, awkward and brainy, Ezran is idealistic, inexperienced and has a big heart. His birth-father, actually. 9 TOO WEIRD: Aaravos Is Callum's Father Since the reason how and why Callum is able to connect to a magical source in the first place hasn't been explored yet, some fans are speculating that Aaravos, the incredibly powerful Startouch Elf who, as far as history is concerned, is the only living person to have ever mastered all forms of magic, may also be Callum's father. 76.3K 2.3K 16. However, that creates problems if you also want them to be brothers and have Ezran be successor to the throne and have a character arc related to that. Yes, Aaravos is very old compared to Callum. Language: English Words: 808 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 2 Kudos: 11 Bookmarks: 2 Hits: 200 Naturally, this leads to discussions on how exactly Sarai managed to end up in a mirror world alongside that star hunk and get out, etc. Callum's father & Aarvos's origin/secrets. Aaravos is able to do all types of magic, despite only being born with the starlight arcanum. After Callum has done packing, he and his aunt searches the royal bedroom. Callum's father is Aarvos!!! Aaravos is supposed to have been imprisoned for some time. Um no, your saying that avros some kind of way broke out his prison 14 years ago, desguised himself as a human then got back in prison? Something is strange here and I just can't quite put my human fingers on it. Thanks for clarifying. Just wanted to see what people thought about this theory given that I am only theorizing based off what I have seen in the show. Harrow from the grave bird: my little baby’s all grown up and off to destroy people! One of the show creators said that his favorite greek myth story was prometheus which is Aarvos in this case & Thunder punishing him like Zeus did. Ok thanks for the clarification. Created by Aaron Ehasz, Justin Richmond. Marcos voiced by Jesse Inocalla. Lodge. I don't want them to pull a Rey and Palpatine again. However, as Callum was not related to Harrow, Ezran was expected to ascend to the throne, and some would mock for not being true royalty. My main concern with this theory is how Aaravos could be Callum's father if he is imprisoned somewhere that is isolated from the main continent. Ok have fun! aaravos thedragonprince tdp rayla callum ezran viren runaan soren claudia amaya rayllum dragonprince xadia ethari harrow dragon bait gren magic.