Smallmouth Bass. The basic formula for calculating the weight of a largemouth bass or smallmouth bass is: length x length x length divided by 1600 Girth is also a factor and can vary the weight by as much as a half pound. WEIGHT= 20 x (15 2) / 1100. Find out about a Trip! David Hays does have the World Record Smallmouth Bass according to the IGFA. The calculated weight isn't intended to replace a good accurate scale, however is within 10% of actual weights. If I had to bet on it I would say the record was falsified. Tim's shattered his personal record with this new PB bass! Trip Details: F.A.Q. G = girth in inches (squared) K = 800 for fish with "normal shapes (bass, trout, etc. You can buy scales for the boat, you hook the scale into the fishes mouth and the scale wieghs the fish, can be bought from cabelas or most sporting stores. The typical lifespan of the Smallmouth Bass is … Click Reset first if you wish to calculate additional weights. Length (inches) Weight (.01th) (ounces) You can use this table to find the approximate weight of a bass by simply measuring the length of the bass to the nearest 1/8th of an inch and then finding that corresponding weight. The girth is the length around the largest part of the body of a bass. The current world record for the largest largemouth bass ever caught is 22 lbs 4 oz.. Smallmouth bass on the other hand are smaller with a more elongate body. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Many records that have been submitted are of people that catch fish and then let the story grow for a few years before entering. Smallmouth bass are common in the 1 to 4-pound range but if you target Smallmouth Bass you will catch a few in the 5 to 6-pound range and a few times during the summer a 7-pound bass may be caught. Bass Weight Calculator. Also, its mouth was forced close after the stretching occured when an open mouth makes a much more dramatic photo and it's also how he had the fish mounted. Normally green in color, they have a broad horizontal stripe. Walleye have a shape factor of 750. Weight also can be estimated using only length measurements based on relationship between length and weight. The formula to calculate the weight for a Walleye that is 20 inches long and has a girth of 12 inches is as follows. Just measure the length, and then the girth. google digital fish scales, or go to cabelas to learn more. ); 900 for long, cylindrical fish (pike, gar, barracuda, etc.). W = weight in pounds. How do I get a fishing hook out of my dogs lip? How to Catch Smallmouth Bass: Smallmouth Bass are generally very easy to catch and easy to find on Lower Manitou Lake. Lower Manitou Lake has outstanding Smallmouth Bass fishing. Smallmouth Bass: Micropterus dolomieui Lacepede a.k.a.--> brown bass, browny, bronzeback, smallie The Smallmouth Bass is a slender, streamlined-shaped fish, which pound for pound puts up a fight that rivals any of the popular freshwater gamefish. Enter a friend's email to send this page. A 7 lb Smallmouth! ); 900 for long, cylindrical fish (pike, gar, barracuda, etc.) Largemouth Bass have a shape factor of 1050. They’re native to north america. Where can I find one for baking. They are considered an invasive species by biologists. I recently caught and 21'' lenght and 15'' girth small mouth bass how do i find out the weight of my catch? The fish is also supposedly 30% larger than the second biggest Smallmouth Bass every recorded in history. Building muscle requires eating more calories than you burn while losing fat requires eating fewer calories than you burn. Largemouth Bass Weight Chart. Bass graphic by Duane Raver, Jr. To calculate the weight of a bass below, enter length and girth in decimal inches (for example 22.5 and 18.5) and the various weight estimates will be automatically calculated. Use this chart only as a method for determining the approximate weight of your bass. These weights listed in this chart are averages. Most records that pre-date the 70s are not accurate. They are members of the family Centrarchidae native to freshwater lakes, rivers, and brackish water bodies of eastern and central North America. Fish Weight Calculator What To Bring. During this time, John Gorman's held the All-Tackle title with his 10 pound, 14 ounce smallmouth he caught on April 24, 1969 while fishing the same location (Dale Hollow Reservoir, Tennessee). Ontario Bass Fishing. What was forcing the mouth closed trying to hide. Forgot your scale? You can sign in to vote the answer. Home: Our Fishing Newsletter: Email: For Ontario Fishing Lodge. Ontario is the top and the best destination in the World for Smallmouth Bass fishing with some areas of Ontario having really good Largemouth Bass Fishing as well. Camouflage is a big part of their hunting tactics. Guess what there is a way that you can get the average weight of the bass that you caught. Email Signup Form. You can also use the weight calculator below. You can then manually use the formula below to calculate the approximate weight of your Largemouth or Smallmouth bass. Example: If you catch a Largemouth Bass that is 14 inches long and has a girth of 16 inches, you would estimate its weight by multiplying its length times the square of its girth, then dividing by 800: Congratulations! Lac Seul Smallmouth Bass Fishing: Smallmouth Bass are not a dominant species in Lac Seul because they are not natural to the arctic watershed. The formula to calculate the weight for a Smallmouth Bass that is 20 inches long and has a girth of 15 inches is as follows. Raymond Barlow, whoever the hell he is, submitted an affidavit to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers stating that Hayes' fish had only weighed 8 lb 15 oz and that he had stuffed three pounds of metal in the fishes' mouth and stomach to make it a record. Smallmouth Bass Fish Sizing Chart We have often wondered how some guys can pretty much tell the exact weight of a fish by length or just by looking at it. In this case, if you input the dimensions into a bass weight calculator, it shows the fish should weigh over 10 pounds and close to what David's claims are. Bass Weight Chart. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. When losing fat, your muscles aren't getting the fuel they need to grow larger. The mean relative weight, a measure of body condition, was slightly below normal in 2019. Smallmouth Bass are omnivorous in the food they consume. Man I cant tell you how much that fish weighs from the length and girth, but what I can tell you is that YOU COUGHT A HOSS!!!!!!! Several methods are available to estimate the weight of a fish. Call Us Toll Free At: 1-(866) 561-5672 Or Email Us At: Contact Us . Good Catch! The common formula for calculating the weight of a largemouth bass or smallmouth bass is: length x length x length divided by 1600. Or it can be a very dark green almost black when they inhabit shallow weedy areas. A unique skill that gives way to some creative 'accounting' when it comes to bragging rights on the size of your catch. I am sorry but I find the above picture comparison very suspicious. Smallmouth Bass: WEIGHT = LENGTH x GIRTH 2 / SHAPE FACTOR. Largemouth bass typically grow larger than smallmouth. --->> Tips---> You CAN gain muscle and lose fat at the same time and I will show you how. Some use length as well as girth measurements. The largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides) is a member of the sunfish family and specifically a black bass species. Weight-length data from 50 populations of smallmouth bass Micropterus dolomieu (N = 6,731) in 19 states were used to develop a revised standard weight (WS) equation for smallmouth bass. Bass Weight Calculator; Bass Fishing Photos; Muskie Fishing >> Muskie Fishing; Muskie Tips; Muskie Weight Calculator; Muskie Fishing Photos; Lake Trout Fishing >> Area Lake Trout Lakes; Light Tackle Deep Water Trout Tips; Trout Weight Calculator ; Stuffed Baked Trout; Lake Trout Pictures; Perch & Crappie Fishing >> Perch & Crappie Fishing; Perch & Crappie Photos; Dinorwic Lake Map. SMALLMOUTH BASS, POOLS 8 AND 9, MISSISSIPPI RIVER. He was throwing a small swimbait when the monster bass bit! The darkness of the green can vary from pale green when they come from deep clear water. Their coloration helps thi… Pool 9 mean relative weight was below 100 percent (94.2 percent, n=28). Below is the Walleye weight formula that the calculator is based on. However, the chart above will give you a fair estimate of the weight of the fish. * PLEASE NOTE: This is an estimate only. Inquire about a trip to MWS! It … Links Camp Newsletter. To calculate this, we used general standard weights, that were not seasonally adjusted. Find out about a Trip! For more advanced exercisers or bodybuilders looking to gain large amounts of muscle while losing large amounts of fat, those goals often conflict with one another. K = 800 for fish with "normal shapes (bass, trout, etc. L = length in inches. Ontario has over 100,000 fishing lakes and 70% of those lakes have Smallmouth Bass. It is the state fish of Georgia, Mississippi and Indiana. These rumors, coupled with an affidavit stating that the dock owner added lead weight to the catch (unbeknownst to Hayes), resulted in the temporary ousting of Hayes' record. You can then manually use the formula below to calculate the approximate weight of your Largemouth or Smallmouth bass. why or why not? Local variations could occur. As usual, there is controversy. Should I wear a mask while ice fishing with my buddy this winter? Inquire about a trip to MWS! Smallmouth; Location: Georgia; Offline; Gender: Posts: 245 "hawgzilla is right there" Re: Calculating Bass Weight « Reply #7 on: February 27, 2015, 03:18:02 AM » Is this really that accurate!?! Email Signup Form. W = (L x G2) / K . Smallmouth Bass Tips. Adult largemouth bass range from 13-20 inches in length and about 1-4.5 lbs in weight depending on water population. I already calculated it and it should of weighed about 6lbs but you might want to double check. 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Depending on the region, the Largemouth Bass (Micropterus salmoides) may be called Widemouth bass, Florida bass, Green trout, and Oswego bass. Fish Weight Calculator What To Bring. You can also use the weight calculator below. Largemouth Bass are not as Plentiful as Smallmouth but the Largemouth can get big with the odd 8-pounder being caught. Fish were not properly weighed or documented. Get your answers by asking now. No other fish jumps like a Smallmouth. WEIGHT= 20 x 225 / 1100. Call Us Toll Free At: 1-(866) 561-5672 Or Email Us At: Contact Us. Smallmouth Basss have a total length between 10”-27” (25-69 cm), body height of 2.5”-6.5” (6.4-16.5 cm), and an overall weight in the range of.8-12 lb (.4-5.4 kg). At the dock the fish looks like a normal Smallmouth Bass but latter it looks like it has a couple of pounds of bolts in it's stomach forcing the stomach to stretch way down, which is exactly what Raymond Barlow claimed had been done to the fish. What's the max Crank bait size for Spotted Bass? How do you think about the answers? By nature, this is a rough estimate only, and will give an average, approximate weight. May 04, 2016 By Dr. The bass length is measured from tip of lower jaw with mouth closed to the center of the end of the tail with the bass laying flat. Weigh yourself with and without holding the fish subtract the difference. The smallmouth bass is native to the upper and middle Mississippi Riverbasin, the Saint Lawrence River–Great Lakessystem, and up into the Hudson Baybasin.The world record size was over 11 pounds caught in the lake Dale Hollow, on the Kentucky—Tennessee border. 1200. Go here. A second point to consider is the fish picture at the dock shows the fish is dead and its mouth is wide open because rigor-mortis has set in, which means the fish would go hard and not have any secondary stretching of the stomach unless a couple of pounds of material was introduced. WEIGHT= 4500 / 1100. The girth is around the widest area with the dorsal fin down using a soft tape measure. I am sorry but I find the above picture comparison very suspicious. Length/Weight Conversions for Marine Fishes of Texas Data and formulas are from studies conducted by TPWD and other scientific groups All lengths are total lengths unless fork length (FL) or lower jaw to fork length (LJFL) is indicated. Note that these are all estimates. You've just caught a fat 4 1/2 Largemouth Bass. there are AA medallions for sports teams, fishing, sailing, etc. Still have questions? Rob Neumann. The maximum recorded size is approximately 27 inches and 12 pounds. comes in digital or spring scales.