It was not curiosity, but fate, that has led you here. Hello guys, aside from being a casual gamer i only played. The Black Star is also a potential quest reward, functioning similarly to Azura's Star. This is simply an idea about a mod where i can have a clean inventory, i like seing my inventory clean without anything but there are always hundreds of soul gems i have to keep to filling them. Does Necalar becomes a follower too? The Black Star is an altered Daedric Artifact awarded to you by Nelacar for cleansing the soul of Malyn Varen from the star as part of the quest The Black Star.It is the alternative award to the original version of the artifact Azura's Star.The main benefit of acquiring The Black Star is the bonus that it offers to enchanters; the star is essentially a reusable black soul gem. Black Souls are always of grand quality. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition. -This is a high quality and high resistance urethane casting, produced from a handmade model by me, painted by hand for an accurate result to the original All over Skyrim, innkeepers will readily tell you about the Shrine of Azura, a monument built by the Dunmer after they fled Morrowind. If you have the Unofficial Skyrim Patch on PC then the Black Star will only hold humanoid souls since it seems likely its a bug that it holds all types. In the game, however, the Black Star is capable of holding both white and black souls, making it the more practical choice from a purely pragmatic point of view. The White star accepts any non-human sou If you return to Azura, she tells you that you are free to use Azura's Star as you see fit. Azura's Star … Creatures, undead, beasts, or any other non-NPC) have white souls. Started a whole new character just for this achievement cause I screwed up up on my main guy and would like to know before I put the time in . Azuras star is a Daedric artifact that can have a white soul stored in it used at an arcane enchanter but the gem is be destroyed. The quest you get from her is The Black Star which will reward you with Azura's Star or the Black Star. Do I need to carry soul gems in my items inventory anymore? You will not, however, gain Aranea as a follower. Dec 26, 2013 @ 5:59pm I cant pick up azura"s star I"m in the sunken tower and the artifact is on the floor but i can"t pick it up < > Showing 1-2 of 2 comments . You could always make a save file right before returning to Azura to get the trophy, then reload said save and finish with the Black Star. Additionally, an encounter with the wandering Dunmer Faldrus will point you in the same direction, so make your way to the shrine; it is located in the snowy mountains south of Winterhold.The gigantic statue faces south atop a mountain and a long staircase. Dawnbreaker The Black Star traps any soul. The Black Star counts toward the "Oblivion Walker" achievement or trophy. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos Workshop News Guides Reviews The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim > General Discussions > Topic Details. Azura's Star is a Daedric Artifact from the Daedric God Azura.It's basically a Soul Gem that will never break or be destroyed. If both Azura's star & Black star can hold a grand soul then what's the difference between the 2? It is the alternative to Azura's Star, a Daedric artifact of the Daedric Prince Azura. This makes it highly sought by mages and assassins. I know that if I get Azura's, the priestess Aranea becomes a follower. fishhooks. I believe that black souls are always grand, so they give more charge to the star. Arnea is unlocked as your companion as Guardian of the Star. SoulGemBlackFilled. I mean, from a role-playing persepctive. If you chose the make the black star, you need to fill it like any black soul gem with a soul from a sentient species (human or elf, giants and falmers don't count has black souls) and if you chose to have the white star, It works like a white soul gems for lesser beings (animals and non-human, non-elf enemies). Quest: "The Black Star" Named after the Daedric Prince herself, Azura's Star is a reusable Grand Soul Gem that can be obtained from "The Black Star" quest. Dellie Shoes. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition > General Discussions > Topic Details. Black Star or Azura Star As a noob to skyrim I'd finally climbed up to azura's shrine and gone through the college for Magee but now I'm torn, I've heard a lot of rumors that the black star is superior to the azura star but that the azura counts towards some trophy or achievements, so which is better in the long run? Item Name []. Giving the Star to Nelacar will lead you to the Black Star, which should, according to the lore, only be able to contain the black souls of sapient beings. Reasoning: I've been a fan of Azura since Morrowind first came out, and I don't like betraying them. In the right hands, Azura's Star acts as a reusable soul gem of almost unlimited capacity. It's already been taken care of. The Black Star The Lure of Azura. oblivion … This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. I made it an .esl so it won't consume a spot in your load order. Either item contributes to the Oblivion Walker achievement. Hello Skyrim forums, I have Azura's Star. Azura's Star and soul trap... By LEDAHGRIM, January 5, 2012 in Skyrim General Discussion. Added The [[Skyrim:Black Star|Black Star]] as it is in essence different from Azura's Star although the name of the star is indeed the same as the quest, i advise something to be done in that respect or precise the black star specifics on Azura's Star page OneWingPhoenix 12:26, 16 November 2011‎ (GMT). ". It can store human souls. Using black souls for enchanting. Azura's can fill everything but human souls, and i don't think any soul gives as much of a charge as the black souls. Jan 13, 2017 @ 4:02pm Is turning Azura's Star into Black Star considered "bad"? Recommended Posts . So he said, "Do you love me?" I went with the black star, but getting it was a pain in the ass being a stealthy archer/dagger character. Its pretty bad to send human souls to the Soul Cairn and Azura is one of the few daedric princes not actually evil so it really depends if you're playing an evil character or not. Azuras Star / Black Star - Skyrim Azura has seen your coming, traveler. Azura's Star to Black Star 1x Azura's Star 1x Daedra Heart 1x Ebony Ingot 3x Black Soul Gems (Filled) Black Star to Azura's Star 1x Black Star 1x Daedra Heart 1x Quicksilver Ingot 3x Grand Souls Gems (Filled) The Daedra heart and the 3 filled gems are required to overpower the current magic flow of the star to align it for White or Black souls. Humanoid races possess grand souls, but can only be trapped in a black soul gem or the Daedric artifact the Black Star, which is obtained through the quest of the same name. User Info: Kaito1263. In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, there is some debate as to what is better, The Black Star or Azura’s Star. The Black Star is a multiple, unlimited use, Black Souls Gem. With this super-simple mod, Azura's Star now captures Black Souls, just like the Black Star. The quest now has two conclusions: A communion with Azura or a chat with an old elf. and she said, "No, but that's a real nice ski mask!" Skyrim General Discussion ; Azura's Star and soul trap... Archived. Is there anything else? You can fill it and use it as many times as you like! The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Dellie Shoes. Skyrim Black Star & Azuras Star Location Walkthrough (Ilinalta's Deep - Unlimited Enchanting Skill - All Daedric Artefacts Special Edition)! - Aranea lenith. At the end, you will find the broken Azura's Star. Azura's Star only traps white souls. Or do I need to take azuras star as well as clavicus viles mask and the warewolf's skin to get the achievement? Craft Azuras Star, The Black Star, and Grand Soul Gems (filled) at any forge. NPCs (Altmer, Argonian, Bosmer, Breton, Dunmer, Imperial, Kahjiit, Nord, Orc, Redguard, or Dremora) all have Black Souls. Multiple soul, azura's star - posted in Skyrim Mod Requests: Hi first of all, english aint my native language so i apology for my mistakes, ty ! Craft Azuras Star, The Black Star, and Grand Soul Gems (filled) at any forge. White Souls range from petty to grand. For The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs Q&A question titled "How do I beat boss from Azura's Star quest? I know Wabbajack exists, … Azura's Star is a reusable Grand Soul Gem obtained from The Black Star quest by returning the Broken Azura's Star to Aranea Ienith at the Shrine of Azura.. In appearance it looks like a large, intricately designed throwing star or gemstone, with eight star-like prongs. Kaito1263 8 years ago #2. Azura's Star is a Daedric artifact created by the Daedric Prince Azura. LEDAHGRIM LEDAHGRIM Member; Members; 118 posts #1; Posted January 5, 2012.

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